Sunday, August 22, 2010

School is now in session!

It's been way too long since I've blogged, so sorry. Maybe now that school has started I'll get a little better, but who knows!

Speaking of school, Matthew and Lauren went back to school last week. Lauren started kindergarten, and yes I've been crying just about everyday after I drop her off. I'm so thankful though because she has been doing well with no tears, yay! Matthew is now a big first grader and is liking it. Here they are on their first day of school:

And just so we don't leave her out, here's Catherine enjoying the kindergarten classroom. She's looking forward to preschool starting soon.

I'm still doing my Galloway training, we're running ten miles every Saturday. Yesterday after our run we had a huge pancake breakfast, which is an annual event in the Galloway program. It was yummy! Sometimes I can't believe I'm actually running ten miles considering that a year ago I could barely make it a mile (and then I felt like my heart was going to explode.) My half-marathon is in November, and I'm seriously considering running the Myrtle Beach Marathon in March!

That's all for now, the kids are going absolutely crazy (and I'm having trouble uploading pics to blogger) so I'll post some crafty stuff later! : )

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