Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day and some crafty stuff

Happy Father's Day to all those special dads out there, especially my dad, my father-in-law, and of course the father of my children, my husband Grant. They are some of the best dads out there, and I hope they all had wonderful days! This is the card I made for my Dad (I can post it now, since he told me he already received it!)

So much has happened since I last blogged (almost a month ago, yikes!) School is out, dance recitals have been danced, and the first round of summer camps have come and gone. First, I have to post a photo of the alligator cake I made for Matthew's end-of-year party. When I signed on to do the infamous alligator cake, I thought it would be easy--you know, buy one of those cake pans at Michaels and you're good to go. But no, this would require me to bake two eight-inch rounds, then cut and paste (or ice in this case) pieces together to make the cake. I think it turned out great, and the kids in Matthew's class loved it.

Not too bad for a beginner!

As I said earlier, Lauren had her dance recital last week, she was a bunny in the production of Snow White. The show was great, and Lauren loved the recital year because she got to do ballet instead of tap. I think she makes the cutest bunny:
Then the following week she had cheer camp:

On the last day of cheer camp, the NC State Cheerleaders came and taught them some cheers. The coach is going to email us parents some pics, so as soon as I get them I will post them here. Lauren had a great time!

Galloway update: this past Saturday we ran 6 miles on hills and it was a great run, even though the weather is a little on the warm side. Six miles is a record for me, and each run after that will be too, next week we run 8 miles!

One last crafty goodie before I go, this is one of the cards I made for Matthew and Lauren's teachers for the last day of school. I think they turned out cute, so I just have to post:

Have a wonderful day, and I will really try to do better at this blog thing!

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